Sustainable Honeybee Relocation and Removal

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Live Bee Rescue

Servicing Central & Southern California. We provide sustainable bee removal and relocation. We Are Structural Extraction Specialists, using the most state of the art non invasive techniques and equipment available. We are minimally intrusive on both your home and the honeybee colony. No job is too big or too small.

The Buzz

  • Honeybees Up Close

    23 Jul 2016

    This stunning video footage is a continuous pan across a honeybee hive entrance. See what honeybees look like up close and personal.

  • Its Time to take action

    23 Jul 2016

    Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder was featured on the cover of Time Magazine in August of 2013. The decline of the honeybees has gained worldwide media attention. Click HERE to read the article.

  • Why Rescue?

    23 Jul 2016

    “Every human being should show the greatest interest in beekeeping because our lives depend upon it.” – Rudolf Steiner We specialize in live honeybee extraction and relocation without the use of harmful chemicals. Do not spray the bees. You will just get stung and they will bee back. We Are Structural Extraction Specialists. Using the […]